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Try our Refill Kit as a money saving alternative to buying a new BASE BOOST kit. Including a bottle of BASE BOOST and a replacement pad, you can reuse your puck shaped applicator for another 10-15 applications!


Zardoz BASE BOOST for Skis & Snowboards is our best-selling Teflon base treatment for "waxing" without tools.


Our unique BASE BOOST formula delivers protection for your equipment along with better control, easier turns and more speed!


It’s quick, clean and easy application process can be performed on or off the mountain with no ironing and no mess! BASE BOOST comes complete with a reusable pocket puck container and an applicator for 15 or more applications. Each use gives between 1-3 days of enjoyable skiing or riding.


Our BASE BOOST container is shaped like a hockey puck and is just 70mm across. It will comfortably fit in the pocket of your ski jacket, trousers or backpack.

It takes less than a minute to treat the base of 2 skis or a snowboard with no tools required.


BASE BOOST's resistance to moisture allows you to glide over snow and ice, reducing friction and increasing speed and acceleration. This patent protected, 100% pure liquid fluoro formula, unlocks maximum performance from fluoropolymer technology.


BASE BOOST can be used instead of wax or ideally over wax to broaden the temperature range and longevity of the wax. Use in any snow conditions, the wetter the snow the better!


It’s less expensive per use than other rub on waxes or hot wax treatments and completely non-toxic. BASE BOOST has no fumes, no mess and no silicone with refill kits available to save wastage.


Zardoz products are proudly made in the USA.

Zardoz - BASE BOOST Refill Kit

SKU: BAR000102
  • TOP TIP:

    Run the BASE BOOST puck down your edges BEFORE you put your skis or snowboard away in your ski/board bag. Water CANNOT stick to Teflon and Zardoz BASE BOOST will STOP your edges from rusting!


    No tools required and takes less than a minute!

    BEFORE you hit the mountain -

    1. Flip over to the base of the puck to reveal a bottle of Teflon liquid.

    2. Apply approximately 1/3 of the Teflon to the felt application pad by dripping across. Store the bottle in the base until the pad needs topping up again.


    ON the mountain - 

    Unscrew the top and apply across the whole base. Don’t worry about getting any on the edges. Then you’re ready to tackle the slopes!

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