Zardoz BASE BOOST for Skis & Snowboards is a Teflon base treatment perfect for use as a topcoat on all waxes.


Our unique BASE BOOST formula delivers protection for your equipment along with better control, easier turns and more speed!


Ensuring longer wax life, it’s a cost-effective way to maintain a fleet of skis and boards making it ideal for rental shops.


It’s less expensive per use than constantly reapplying other rub on waxes or hot wax treatments and it’s completely non-toxic. BASE BOOST has no fumes, no mess and no silicone!


BASE BOOST Super Shop Kit includes 225g of pure liquid fluoro, a shop applicator and will treat up to 225 pairs of skis and snowboards.


Zardoz products are proudly made in the USA.

Zardoz - BASE BOOST Super Shop Kit

SKU: BAS050102
  • TOP TIP:

    Apply BASE BOOST to edges BEFORE you put skis or snowboards away. Water CANNOT stick to Teflon and Zardoz BASE BOOST will STOP edges from rusting!


    No tools required and it takes less than a minute!





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